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How old are you: 20

Gender: Female

Do you have a job? yes

Do you have a tattoo? yes

If yes, how many? 2

Where on your body? Above my left ankle

Do you have any piercings? yes

If yes:
How many? 10

Where on your body? Ears, Eyebrow, Tongue, Nips *actually only one nipple now cuz yesterday I took one out :-( *

Will you get any more piercings? yes

Where do you buy jewellery for your piercings? Online and Body piercing/tattoo parlors

How many pieces of body jewellery do you own? TOOOO MANY. Seriously like 20 tongue barbells, 10 eyebrow rings, only one hoop for my nip and I wear barbells in my ears.

If no
Have you ever thought about getting a piercing?

Do you know anyone that has a piercing?

If yes, how many?

What kind of things do you usually spend your money on?

Anything else you want to say? People always ask if my nipples hurt... YES IT FUCKIN HURT... IT HURT SO FUCKIN BAD... but guess what... after they're healed, they're the hottest fuckin tits you've ever seen!!!
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